Social Media Platforms: What Is right for Your Business?

Just because a social media network exists doesn't make it a great fit for your business. Each network is good at certain things, and not so good at others. Without identifying the strengths and weakenesses of each, as well as their most active demographics, you could end up wasting your time...

Social Media Platforms: What Is right for Your Business?

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Since there are lots of social media websites out there, you will find it very hard to pick the one that suits your needs. In fact, each type of company works well on a specific platform, but finding the right one for your business is not that easy to begin with. You have to focus on specific things that will either make or break your approach.


This one is maybe the best for general use. Facebook has more than 1 billion users and because of that it does offer opportunities for just about any type of business. You should always consider using Facebook if you want to portray your business in a social and friendly manner. Photos here need to be professional and you have to interact with your audience to the best of your capabilities.


If you have a business that focuses on what’s trending, this might be the best social media that you should use. It’s all about focusing on the moment and this is the reason why most companies want to focus on using it right away. If you have a company that has lots of info to share and you want to do that often, Twitter is great for you. Of course, this is also a very good option for companies that want to have a more direct approach towards their customers.


YouTube is visually driven and it works great for companies that have information to share pretty often. The type of content that works here is either informative, how-to, entertainment or anything that can be shared in a visual manner. It’s important for a company to have a YouTube presence but you shouldn’t just focus on YouTube unless your business is focused solely on creating videos.


This particular social media is fast, efficient and it allows you to connect with other businesses all over the world. It’s suitable for just about any industry and you can easily use it to connect with a wide variety of companies all over the world. It’s very efficient and results do pay off immensely if you connect with your customers online!

Pinterest and Instagram

We put these two together because their main focus is on sharing images. This is why they work mostly for either female or young audiences. If you have this type of audience, then you should consider using these great social platforms as they will work very well for you. Of course, this does require you to have a certain type of company.

However, since these networks are focused on visuals, any business can share images from behind the scenes, they can create contests and so on. Both platforms are versatile, scalable and always changing to suit the customer demands!

Overall, you will see that each social network does have a certain type of audience. It’s up to you to identify that audience and figure out the best way to approach it. Do that and results will pay off quite a bit!

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